Senior Portrait Questionairre

We strive to make your Senior Photos as unique as you are. Help us get to know you better so that we can create a Senior Portrait experience that best reflects your personality. Please answer the following questions and return them to me as soon as possible before your Senior Session:

Senior’s Name ______________________________________________________________________
Home Phone _____________________________Cell Phone ______________________________
High School ______________________________________
E-mail ____________________________
Is it ok to friend you on Facebook in order to tag you in pictures?     Y           N
Parents’ Names ______________________________________________________________________
What are your interests/hobbies? _______________________________________________________
What extracurricular activities do you participate in: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is/are your favorite color(s)? ______________________________________________________

Which do you prefer (circle one): Soft, muted colors?    Bright, bold colors?    Neutral, earthy colors?   other__________?

Which best describes you (circle one): Laid-back and conservative? Progressive and on-the-edge?

If I could choose any location for my senior pictures, I'd pick somewhere:

 ___Swinging Bridge                                   
___Urban - like a grungy alley way
___Park - a nature setting is ideal
___Trendy & Upscale all the way
___Rural - a farm setting with a barn
___Historic buildings
___Sports related
___My home
___Other (specify)_____________________________________________

I'd like to include the following in my senior pictures:

___Sports equipment/uniform
___My car/truck
___Family member
___Pointe shoes/ballet attire
___Friend or Girlfriend/Boyfriend
___Other (specify)_____________________________________________

Do You Want Wallet Personalization?:  Y   N        Name: _____________________________      Year  2014 or ‘14
What style of images are you hoping for?  ______________________________________________________
Do you have any specific poses/images you are looking for?__________________________________________