Tom Kenfield Senior & Sports Portraiture | About

Hello, and welcome to the TKP Website! My name is Tom, and I would love to be your photographer. Nothing brings me more joy than capturing the true essence and spirit of the people I photograph. I want to record the light that dances in your eyes and the passion in your heart. From the smiles of a portrait to the intensity of an event, I pride myself in my ability to weave emotion and light together to create something magical…something more than just a portrait, but a recording of who you are. If you want the best, you have come to the right place.

Senior year is one of the biggest milestones in your life and I believe you deserve the best portrait experience possible. I believe that your senior portraits should be all about capturing your style and personality and it's my promise to make that happen.


The reason I am writing this, is to inspire you to look beyond the normal portrait photographer and modern trends.  Take a look outside this and step into the fashion world of photography. This term fashion gets thrown around a lot. Everyone wants their photos to look like the magazines.

There is a growing digital trend in the senior portrait market to make very grungy and over saturated photos. In my opinion these images will be dated very quickly because they are not concentrating on photo techniques but Photoshop craziness to make an image.  There is a lack of emphasis being put on making of the actual photograph.

My philosophy is, realism. Meaning when the image is finished it should still look like a photograph.  Flip through the pages of fashion magazine and you will see many wonderful photographs. The thing is, they look like real, unmanipulated Photographs!

With the birth of digital photography, many portrait photographers have fallen short of skills and rely on Photoshop to correct their lack of ability with controlling light.  The other trend with portrait photographers is they have fallen in love with over saturated, over sharpened backgrounds and faces so retouched that they make the customer look like they are cookie cutter statues. My point is, it is ok to do a bit of retouching,  but with proper lighting and styling rather than Photoshop action wizardry, you will achieve more normal looking images that should be visually viable long in the future.


It's my goal to give you the most amazing pictures possible and I love the high energy sessions, hearing about your future plans after high school and capturing your personality through your images. Every senior is different and you deserve a senior portrait experience that is completely unique to you. Throughout the entire process, everything from helping to style you with the perfect wardrobe to planning out the unique locations, I work with you to make sure your photos are exactly how you envisioned them. 

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you and cannot wait to capture this important milestone in your life through your senior portraits!